Make up for Oily Skin

10 Feb

Finding the right make-up products for oily skin can be a real challenge. And because oily skin comes hand in hand with blackheads, blemishes and open pores, many have been advised against make-up. Dealing with problematic skin is one thing, and people tell you to leave the skin bare or you’ll make it worse is certainly frustrating. You want to look presentable, hide the red bump on your nose and make those blemishes appear less red. Above all, you want to feel normal. And you wonder, a little make up wouldn’t hurt, would it ? But somehow, you ended up feeling even make-up doesnt help because it doesnt seem to stick on your skin. Ahah, tell you what…been there!


Even celebs like Renee dont get it right sometimes.

So, what kind of make-up is suitable for oily skin?

Well, there are too many foundations, concealers and powders out there in the market, it’s confusing. From drugstore to high-end departmental products, many cosmetic companies are on the bandwagon to produce make-up for oily skin since there is a high demand for it. But, you wonder, it says on the label ‘suitable for oily skin’ or ‘matte’, yet your skin still looks oil slick. Sometimes, it seems like nothing really works.I understand how frustrating it is to see the make-up that you applied in the morning vanished by mid-day, leaving you with shine on the face. What’s more depressing is to realise that you have more whiteheads and pimples after using make-up. Sigh…ok, sigh no more, peeps.

Here are some tips and tricks for those of you with oily, acne prone skin. This works for me. Tried and tested.

1. Use ice cubes
If you have large pores ( and the time for it), rub ice cubes on your face to shrink the pores. Follow with toner and moisturiser.

2. Use a primer
This is probably the best invention for oily skin. ‘Not to prime is a crime’, I read somewhere :p. Apply after moisturiser. It creates a perfect canvas for foundation application. Certainly made a huge difference to the longevity of the foundation. It keeps the oil at bay and fill in fine lines. Green primers combat redness from rosacea or acne. Im currently using MUFE Green Primer but my personal favourite is Laura Mercier’s. Loreal’s is also great.




3. Use oil-free, non comedogenic foundation
This formulation is best suited for oily skin to avoid greasy spot and shine. Look for labels like ‘Long Wear’ and ‘Matte’. I prefer liquid foundations. Avoid cream foundation, they are thick in consistency and are likely to clog pores. Some prefer powder foundations but I simply dont. The idea of wearing foundation is not to cover up flaws but to simply even out the skin tone. Therefore, use sparingly. Drugstore products have an array of high quality, departmental store-worthy foundations e.g ‘Revlon Color Stay with Softlex for Oily/Combination Skin’ and ‘Stay Matte by Rimmel’. CHANEL’S Perfection Lumiere (though I prefer the old version ‘Pro Lumiere’) and Estee Lauder’s Double Wear Light are also great options for oily skin.





4. Use concealer
Use concealer where needed. Try the double technique. Dab (dont rub) concealer onto your blemishes. Apply loose powder and press gently. Reapply the concealer at the same spot and set it again with powder. An old-time favourite by many is the Studio Finish Concealer by MAC.


5. Use pressed powder
Try pressed powder instead of loose powder. It has better coverage. Again, dont rub or you will spoil your work of art :p. Press gently onto your face. I love the Dual Powder Foundation by Artistry and Diorskin Nude Compact Powder by Dior. When I was younger, I simply loved the one by Loreal.



p.s – I wish CoverGirl was not removed from Malaysia, its compact powder was my first make up item. (Brought me back to 1998 when I called my mom and asked if I could use make-up…hehe)

p.p.s I have Simplysiti Loose Powder which i keep at my clinic room at work. It’s easy to use and not bad at all. (Bought it because Im a huge fan of Siti..haha..pathetic I know). My only issue with this innovation is that it’s unhygienic. Unless you can replace the sponge. I cant show you mine because it’s totally gross.


6. Use a setting spray
I love this! It erase the cakey look and keep your make-up looking fresh and long lasting. In fact, I noticed my make-up stays put even without primer when I use setting spray. My favourite is Urban Decay All Nighter. You may want to try Urban Decay De-Slick. I have also tried Dior’s Moist and Fix, hmmm….dont buy it.



7. Blot that shine
No matter how good your make-up looked in the morning, by mid-day your face will shine if you are prone to oiliness. Blot those excess shine , dont rub.
I have tried MAC Blotting Powder and didnt like it. Stick to the cheaper version – Clean & Clear Blotting Sheets.



8. Touch ups
Keep your compact powder handy.

9. If all else failed, just ‘SMILE’.


Hope this helps. And dont forget to double cleanse your face before sleep. Remove all traces of make-up and I believe make-up shall not worsen your skin.


3 Responses to “Make up for Oily Skin”

  1. bazilahyunus March 13, 2013 at 15:05 #

    Reblogged this on Barely Superlife.

  2. aniths January 5, 2014 at 17:04 #

    hye,where i can get Urban Decay All Nighter spray?

    • zavanitydresser February 21, 2014 at 13:53 #

      Sephora KLCC or Starhill

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