Microdermabrasion by Dr.Brandt

11 Feb

I have been lazy with facials the past few months. And, although most women view facials as a way of relaxing and pampering oneself, I just cant get my lazy bum to agree. I used to get it done at ‘Regime’ (they use Dermalogica products) , a beauty spa 10 minutes from my house but of late, I find that having it at home is way more fun ( and besides, they always play incredibly slow songs, it’s pretty boring). Anyway, I took a package previously (it’s always cheaper than a single treatment) as recommended by the beautician based on my concerns, so I had a microdermabrasion done for brightening purpose. I must say that it worked because the next day when I got to work, my nurses complimented on my glowing skin. I was elated but that didn’t last long because I soon had breakouts which I could only blame the procedure for. So, from then onwards, I only had normal facials because my skin couldn’t tolerate microdermabrasion.

Microdermabrasion is a non-invasive procedure that uses mechanical medium to remove the outermost layer of the skin. Well, in other words, it’s like having a machine to do the scrubbing of the face for you. As we age, the rate of skin’s turnover slows down and dead cells build up on the skin’s surface. While exfoliating at home helps, this procedure uses crystals and therefore has better result. This procedure is helpful in treating discoloration, acne scars, hyperpigmentation, wrinkles and dullness.



Interestingly, I stumbled across a product by Dr. Brandt called Microdermabrasion. It is designed to mimic transformative brightening and smoothing effects of the in-office profesional procedure . It polishes dead skin cells and as a result, enables better absorption of skincare products and thus reveals radiance.It helps diminish the appearance of superficial flaws and smoothes skin’s texture. The exfoliant is a favourite of many Hollywood celebs like Gwyneth Paltrow and Madonna.



Microdermabrasion by Dr. Brandt is formulated with pharmaceutical-grade crystals and I must say that the scrubbing particles feels sharp against the skin.It literally feels like you are polishing your skin, and doing it hard. That’s why Im gonna limit its usage to once in 2 weeks or so though I read some people had great results having used it 2-3 times a week. I feel it’s just too harsh to be used that often. It works well for oily and acne prone skin. If you have sensitive skin, this might not be a good idea.

I must add that it’s pricey, but a little goes a long way. You only need a teeny bit for the whole face. I bought is as part of a promotion pack, so I saved a lot. I needed a new eye cream anyway and got sucked in by what a good friend of mine posted on her Tumblr – Dr. Brandt ‘s ‘dark circles away’. Since it comes with the set, plus a BB Cream, so I grabbed it. And, Im loving it!



6 Responses to “Microdermabrasion by Dr.Brandt”

  1. najj February 11, 2013 at 12:40 #

    do you pernah try bb white maybelin??

    • zavanitydresser February 11, 2013 at 14:45 #

      Tak pernah. I pernah pakai Korean BB cream from The Faceshop.

  2. Bazilah February 11, 2013 at 13:26 #

    Seriously..mmg mahal..doc,why..why all your skincare product very expensive..you know!!..ahaha..but i cnt deny dr mampu lar..your job makes it happen but im still student can u sugest more available with student cost living!!! 😉

    • zavanitydresser February 11, 2013 at 14:44 #

      Bazilah, I dulu pun pakai yang murah2 masa student. Ni dah tua sikit and ada duit sendiri, pakai yg mahal sikit..hehe. most product tahan sampai 6-8 bulan, Dermalogica i setahun baru habis sbb botol besar so i guess berbakoi kot rasanya.
      I’kl share an inexpensive Do-It-Yourself product soon

  3. Ina February 11, 2013 at 13:30 #

    wahh..best update baru nih..loike!!..hiks..doctor can u update abot lips pencil???..all the bets doc!

    • zavanitydresser February 11, 2013 at 14:46 #

      Tq, Ina!

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