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Lip Palette

23 Mar

I know, i know …it has been a while. I went into ‘lazy blogger’ mode , well…to be honest ,it was more like ‘ lazy everything’ mode!! Sigh…


I love pink lipsticks because they make everyone look years younger!! Really…even 70-year olds would look like… 65?? Hehe..I dont know how many years it takes off your face but suffice to say it’s a youthful color. Agree? I have been using Make Up For Ever (MUFE) lip palette for almost a year now and I still have much left. Bought it at Sephora, cant recall how much I paid for it but im sure it was pricey. The thing about having palette like this is that you can mix the colors to your liking. Love, love, love it to pieces…

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DIY : Make Your Own Custom Lipstick

11 Mar

I was looking through my make up collection and realised that i have not used some of the stuff for ages. They are sitting there, in my acrylic drawers and if I hadn’t decided to clean up, I might have forgotten their existence. The thing is, I have tone-down my makeup a few notches and eyeshadows are really not in my regime anymore. Not the greens, blues or even pinks…I will spare the nude colors, just in case I change my mind about eyeshadows one day  🙂

So, I decided to convert those eyeshadows into lipstick. You can also use blushers or your old lippie/gloss. This doesnt take long to do, but if you want the perfect color, it may take a while to figure out the mixture. This took me roughly about 30 minutes, simply because I was listening to music, singing on top of my lungs and enjoying the process. Have fun!

1. Lay down your stuff. You will need eyeshadows, a mixing bowl or paper plate, 2 ends of fork/spoon and a container pot. And Vaseline!!!


2. Figure out what color of lipstick you want to create. I want to make a pink one. Scrape off the eyeshadow into the plate using the end of your utensils.


3. Then, add in Vaseline.


4. Mix well. I added some other colors, white to lighten the pink, peach to make it a little nude, then I lost my mind and got carried away and added a bunch of stuff  :p . Test the color on your hand and once you’re satisfied, transfer it into the container pot.


5. Refrigerate for 30 minutes and wallaaaa!!! One last touch….stickers on the cover pot. Err..i told you earlier I got carried away.. :p.



The ‘ 3-minute Lotion Mask’ Technique by Chizu Saeki

2 Mar

I bought ‘The Japanese Skincare Revolution’ by Chizu Saeki at Kinokuniya some time ago and was very thrilled by her beauty tips especially the lotion mask and lymphatic massage. This book uncovers her beauty secrets and her long years experience in the beauty industry.


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