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5 Feb

The whole idea of wearing blush ( or blusher , UK) is to create a healthy glow. And, a sheer pop of colour on the apple of the cheeks is all you need to create that. But ofen, we apply too much and get mistaken for clowns ( okay , that was a bit of an exaggeration .. 😛 ) But seriously , one of the things I have never really mastered is the blush application. It is also one of the cosmetics that i can actually live without and that makes the whole process of trying to learn how to apply it futile, coz i dont really need it . So i thought.

Despite that , i do own blushers. And i do wear them once in a blue moon , but pretty often, lately, since i have been loving the nude lip look. It’s hard for me not to look pale with nude lips so i guess my best bet is to have some blush on.

There are a variety of blush to choose from …powder blush, matte or shimmer..liquids, creams. tints and gels. My favourite is the Max Factor Cream Blush. It won some title, i cant remember what ..was it Allure’s best blush or something?! Plus, it’s also the cheapest of the four. Anyway, what’s best about this blush is that you cant really go wrong with it. Dab a teeny weeny bit on the apple of your cheeks and rub the colour into your skin . I once applied a bit too much but i rubbed and rubbed and it looked okay in the end. It can double as a lip color, and that’s great when i carry a small purse and cant afford to stuff too many makeup items.

MAC powder blushs are not too bad either. Apply it with a blush brush for a clean look.
Whichever method we choose, let’s not forget that the main thing it does is to naturally sculpt and highlight our cheekbones. Anymore than that , we are likely to have done it wrongly. Talk about techniques…sigh!

p/s : your lipstick can also double as a cream blush. I’ve tried it .



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