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Monthly Favourites : April

16 May

Gosh! Do you know how long it has been since I last blogged? More than a month ago! So, a lazy blogger I am…or was, ..grr..I better not promise anything :p I wanna  say ‘a lot has happened in my life’ (in a good way) but the truth is there was nothing much. I was just caught in the usuals, pretty mundane routines. Anyway…
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Make up for Oily Skin

10 Feb

Finding the right make-up products for oily skin can be a real challenge. And because oily skin comes hand in hand with blackheads, blemishes and open pores, many have been advised against make-up. Dealing with problematic skin is one thing, and people tell you to leave the skin bare or you’ll make it worse is certainly frustrating. You want to look presentable, hide the red bump on your nose and make those blemishes appear less red. Above all, you want to feel normal. And you wonder, a little make up wouldn’t hurt, would it ? But somehow, you ended up feeling even make-up doesnt help because it doesnt seem to stick on your skin. Ahah, tell you what…been there!


Even celebs like Renee dont get it right sometimes.

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Bare Minerals

5 Feb

If you hated the idea of wearing liquid or cream foundation, yet you want a smooth-looking, even toned complexion (and being all natural may not provide it), then may i suggest to you the mineral foundation. It has certainly made a huge difference to how people view foundation today, as it is not only a make up but has skincare properties too.

Of late, many have jumped on the mineral make up bandwagon. And with the increasing interest on safe, natural and organic products, this approach has become very popular. Some say, you can even sleep in mineral make up and it’s apparently good for the skin. Err..i dont know about that….make up is make up, and no one should sleep in it! I feel, despite the fact that they are made of pure minerals and is 100% talc, preservatives and fragrance free.

I bought the BareMinerals set last year at Sephora. This brand received so much praises and reviews I couldnt help but tried it.

– natural looking
– lightweight
– needs small amount only
– comes in a starter kit with a dvd
– medium coverage
– non comedogenic
– suitable for sensitive skin, hypoallergenic
– lots of people reported having clearer and better skin after using mineral make up for a while, I didnt see much difference though

– can appear cakey if applied too much
– pretty messy for me
– hated the brushes that come with the set
– cant be applied with the fingers like liquid foundation, this is crucial when in a rush

In a nutshell, BareMinerals foundation is one that you either hate or love. Seriously!

I however feel both ways. I used to love it, then hated it and now…loving it again !



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