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Make up for Oily Skin

10 Feb

Finding the right make-up products for oily skin can be a real challenge. And because oily skin comes hand in hand with blackheads, blemishes and open pores, many have been advised against make-up. Dealing with problematic skin is one thing, and people tell you to leave the skin bare or you’ll make it worse is certainly frustrating. You want to look presentable, hide the red bump on your nose and make those blemishes appear less red. Above all, you want to feel normal. And you wonder, a little make up wouldn’t hurt, would it ? But somehow, you ended up feeling even make-up doesnt help because it doesnt seem to stick on your skin. Ahah, tell you what…been there!


Even celebs like Renee dont get it right sometimes.

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Urban Decay Setting Spray

3 Feb

The first time i bought this setting spray, i wasnt sure what it was for. Yeah, despite its obvious name. Silly me. I simply wanted to finish up my Sephora voucher and couldnt think of what else to buy.Yup, me…too many foundations, lipsticks…etc etc.Not good, not good…

Anyway…this turns out to be one of my favourite products of 2012! It keeps your makeup in place for 16 hours…no, i didnt count, but i have to say it does seem to make it last that loooong. Seriously, my makeup normally runs by the 6th hour or so but since i started using the All Nighter, the makeup still looks good at the end of the day. It gives a natural glow to the face and erase the cakey look. Im always a fan of the dewy, luminous complexion..which i find pretty difficult to create esp when you dont have a flawless complexion…sob sob..But i have to say this stuff will help you achieve that picture-perfect look. *wink wink

This is definitely a keeper on my vanity dresser.A must-have for 2013.


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