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Monthly Favourites : April

16 May

Gosh! Do you know how long it has been since I last blogged? More than a month ago! So, a lazy blogger I am…or was, ..grr..I better not promise anything :p I wanna  say ‘a lot has happened in my life’ (in a good way) but the truth is there was nothing much. I was just caught in the usuals, pretty mundane routines. Anyway…
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6 Feb

If I could only have one skincare item, I’d choose a serum….and sunscreen. Ok..ok ..did I say just one? Sigh…Ok, serum would be my choice .

What is a serum? Do you need it? Does it really work? Or is it just another marketing strategy by skincare companies to ploy you into thinking you need more than you actually do?

Serum is a specialised treatment that is used on cleansed face or after toner, before moisturiser. It contains highly concentrated nutrients and antioxidants in their active form. Due to smaller size molecules, serums are able to penetrate deep into the skin unlike moisturisers. That’s why serum comes with a heftier price-tag! Most serums are designed for all skin types, though some formulation are best to address specific concerns like wrinkles, pigmentation, dullness and sagging skin.
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Beauty Essentials

5 Feb

Hi ladies,

Do you remember the ever famous ‘beauty’  question ’ if you were stranded at a desert island, what 3 beauty items would you want to have with you?’. Yeah, i know ..i know..who’d be thinking about beauty stuff then? ( a friend said she’d need a concealer, lipstick and mascara…she wanted to look good when people discovered her at a lost island, she might end up on TV).. haih!!!

The idea is to come up with the 3 most important beauty items in your life. To some, this is an easy task. Well, is it? Aha…we’ll see!

I didnt have to think too long about this. Mine would be :

a) Sunscreen, of course!! I use my Obagi SPF 50 all the time!! ( and besides, it’s a desert right?)

b) Vaseline. It’s a moisturiser and a lip balm, 2 in 1.

c) Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair. My fav serum. The sun is likely to have damaged my skin and causes premature ageing. So serum is a must and this one is so darn great, i tell ya!

What would you have brought with you?

P/s – It’d be pretty boring, so I’d bring my books along 🙂



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