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Beauty Essentials

5 Feb

Hi ladies,

Do you remember the ever famous ‘beauty’  question ’ if you were stranded at a desert island, what 3 beauty items would you want to have with you?’. Yeah, i know ..i know..who’d be thinking about beauty stuff then? ( a friend said she’d need a concealer, lipstick and mascara…she wanted to look good when people discovered her at a lost island, she might end up on TV).. haih!!!

The idea is to come up with the 3 most important beauty items in your life. To some, this is an easy task. Well, is it? Aha…we’ll see!

I didnt have to think too long about this. Mine would be :

a) Sunscreen, of course!! I use my Obagi SPF 50 all the time!! ( and besides, it’s a desert right?)

b) Vaseline. It’s a moisturiser and a lip balm, 2 in 1.

c) Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair. My fav serum. The sun is likely to have damaged my skin and causes premature ageing. So serum is a must and this one is so darn great, i tell ya!

What would you have brought with you?

P/s – It’d be pretty boring, so I’d bring my books along 🙂



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