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The Skincare Guide

13 Feb

Choosing a skincare brand can be daunting and confusing these days. There are just too many brands out there. How did you choose yours?


When I was younger, I was easily influenced by the packaging of the products and advertisements. I must confess I was gullible and the skincare marketing strategies had certainly got the best of me. The tv and glossy magazine ads showcasing ‘photoshopped’ flawless looking models were baits, and I was an easy target. Sometimes, it was the beauty assistants- I tell you, the beauty counter is probably the most intimidating place ever! They scrutinize and analyse your skin, and suddenly you have more problems than you thought you had in the first place. On many occasions, I took their recommendations, betting my money on their so called profesional judgement. I dont recall googling prior to purchasing and I certainly dont remember reading the ingredients.


So, how should we choose our skincare? Asian or Western skincare? What about local products?

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Oily Skin

9 Feb

I remember that I was 16 when I had my first breakout. And I blamed my oily skin for that. I whined to my mom about how I hated my oily skin, the acne that it caused and  my overall complexion. Suprisingly and interestingly, although my mom had been supportive throughout my battle with the ‘famous beauty enemy’, she said this 18 years ago…”You should be grateful that God gave you oily skin”. And I was like, WTH?? ( silently in my head of course!! Duhhh  :p ) My mom told me then people with oily skin age slower and have less wrinkles because of the skin’s natural oil. The oil helps to lock and seal the moisture in the epidermis, the outermost layer of the skin. Of course, at 16, ageing and wrinkles were foreign.

Oily skin is a result of over-active sebaceous gland. It produces sebum, which naturally by right, is a healthy skin lubricant. However, when the sebum is excessive, the pores get clogged causing blackhead, acne and visible pores. This is the downside of oily skin. In fact, it’s a common fact that oily skin is typified by blemishes, pimples, grease and shininess, although acne can occur in dry skin as well ( more commonly seen in adult acne).

I realised that, over the years I had wrongly treated my oily skin. I avoided moisturiser at all cost previously, used a strong mattifying product, slathered a high percentage of over-the-counter acne treatments and cleansed my face several times a day in the hope for an acne-free and less oily skin. In my simple mind, the oil has to go as it is the root of all of my skin problems. But of course, that backfired!


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8 Feb

Petroleum jelly or Petrolatum is commercially known as Vaseline in the beauty world. Petroleum and beauty, haha…doesn’t seem quite right there, does it? I mean, seriously, if the ‘Fossil Feul Theory’ is true, then all these while I’ve been putting remnants of dead dinasours on my lips!!


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