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Acne Scars

5 Feb

Trust me, combating acne is like battling 2 wars. First, you need to treat the acne itself. As if that’s not hard enough, you are now left with discoloration that takes months to heal. And if you dont take the steps to prevent the next breakout, it will repeat itself and you’ll feel like fighting a continuous battle. Sigh…I know how that felt like! What I dont understand is that , with people going to the moon and Mars, how come there’s no invention that treats acne effectively, make it vanish in one day or something. Apart from laser, which is costly and comes with its own complication and downtime, there’s really no product out there that can heal acne scars superfast!

If those red-brownish discoloration that you are worried of, dont despair because those are not permanent. The key is exfoliation to increase the turnover of cells. I use a Daily Microfoliant from Dermalogica. This is gentle enough to be used daily as the name implies. Some people like mechanical scrubs that contain beads to manually remove dead cells to reveal a new and fresh layer of skin underneath. Then at night, I use serum. Every other day, I used Retin A to promote collagen production that helps heal hyperpigmentation and marks. (you can read the recipe on my previous post). I find this works for me.

Now if you have scars, that’s a different ballgame altogether. These are 2 types, atrophic scars ( also call indented scars eg boxcar scars, icepicks or rolling scars) or hypertrophic scars (causes raised scar or keloids). I am not prone to keloids so I have no idea about that. An aesthetician told me there’s really no products that can help indented scars apart from lasers, microneedling and chemical peels.


However, I came across Hiruscar Post Acne that claims can help atrophic and hypertrophic scars. Well, that’s a huge claim!!!


I tried this after reading a review on one blog ( I cant remember whose so I cant link you to hers, but you may want to google) . She said it works as good as laser but of course you need to be consistent and it does takes a long time. She has tried laser and said even laser doesnt vanish scars in one treatment so it’s almost comparable. For me, this is my second tube. I still use it on and off. It works but I am not as impressed as that blogger. I wont say that it works magically for me. I guess different skin reacts differently to products. But there’s nothing to lose because the product is affordable (I think RM 35 or something) and if it worked for you, Yahoooo!!!

Some home remedies are effective as well. My mom told me some time ago about a distant aunt of mine who had problem with acne scars. Her scars were pretty deep . Then one day, a couple of years since she last met her , my mom was astonished to see her skin. It was beautiful. She used aloe vera, yup the natural aloe vera and rubbed them on her skin daily. I havent tried that because I dont have an Aloe Vera plant readily available, but once I see it Im gonna grab it!



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