Foundation Brush

9 Feb

Hi ladies,

This is just a quick review on my foundation brushes. Some of them are almost 9 years old and yet the bristles are as new and the handles are sturdy still. The labels may have worn off but otherwise the brushes are still in good shape. I bought 2 brushes (not included in the photo) at a local bazaar , but really the quality is like night and day although they are so similar in appearance, but of course so much cheaper in price. Certainly, there are other ways of applying foundation e.g fingers, sponge but if brush is your favourite tool, then buying a good, high quality one would be an investment. It really does last a very long time. Some make up artist have had their brushes for 2-3 decades! Errr…you dont really need as many (I had a secret dream of becoming a makeup artist… :P)


1/  Body Shop Foundation Brush
2/  MAC 190
3/  MAC 189
4/  MAC  187 Stippling Brush (large)
5/  MAC 139 Short Duo Fibre Brush
6/  Sigma Flat Top Kabuki F80
7/  Sigma Round Kabuki F82
8/  MAC 109
9/  Body Shop Round Kabuki

All these are synthetic brushes except No.4 -5 (goat + synthetic hair) and No.8 (goat hair).

I use fingers and sponge very often too but I can tell you that foundation brush is the way to go for flawless coverage application.

My personal favourite is no.6. I generally prefer kabuki brushes (notice that the bristles are denser) for liquid foundation. I seriously love Sigma brushes, they are of great quality and yet not too expensive compared to other brands out there. For mineral or powder foundations, No. 9 is a good option, though I still love my Sigma for that. I bought my Sigma brushes from but you can now buy it from a local online shop,

I usually put a pump of my liquid foundation at the back of my hand and then stipple the foundation-laden brush onto my face. Blend with circular motion and the finish is a polished, air-brushed look; that is almost difficult to achieve using fingers alone. This method applies for brushes No.4 -9. Of course, if you are running late, forget those brushes and use the natural tool that God has given you.

I have to say I do not like flat, paddle-shaped brushes No. 1-3 although many do love foundation brush of this kind. To me, it takes more time because you need to really, really blend the foundation or else it will look streaky. Once, and this was 4 years ago, a male colleague of mine asked why I had a scratch on my face. It was actually a streak from poorly applied foundation. I’d laugh thinking about it now but back then, it was embarassing!!!!! :p

Hope this helps a little bit if you’re thinking of buying a foundation brush.


2 Responses to “Foundation Brush”

  1. DrHalina February 9, 2013 at 05:21 #

    9 brushes?? berus gigi ada baper, za? ahahah.. seriously, 9??

    • zavanitydresser February 9, 2013 at 05:26 #

      Hahahaha!!!!! Masa beli tu berangan nk jadi makeup artis lorrrr…

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